The Skin I’m In


Adrian Vieni directs ‘The Skin I’m In’.


Exploring the relationship between identity and physical appearance. The project aims to further the conversation about identity and acceptance while exploring the delicate relationship between physical appearance and self-perception.


1.1 Approach

Adrian Vieni (Director)

‘The Skin I’m In’ was meant to dive deep into these individuals’ experiences, and really explore the relationship between identity and appearance.


With a limited amount of film stock and limited time, we aimed to really focus capturing down to the essential elements. We chose to shoot on 16mm film to give it a raw and honest approach, with a naturalistic, unadulterated feel that comes from not having to overwork the footage in post. Becoming comfortable in one’s own skin can be a difficult process, like making your way through a maze, and is reflected in the film’s warped and abstract approach. The non-linear nature of the film, cutting back and forth between different people and different mindsets, reflects the internal processes of formulating one’s identity.


1.2 Music & Sound Design

Jason Couse (Composer)

I wanted the music for this project to reflect the subjective nature of self-perception, to play with the kind of distortions and oscillations that challenge how we understand our own image and how that influences our interface with the world.


The point wasn’t to make something totally obscure, but instead to offer momentary consonance in an otherwise unstructured and dynamic soundscape, aiming to reflect how our interactions with the environment are inherently warped by our subjective experience despite the fact that we often mistake these representations as objective reality.


Creative Direction by Dina Roudman, Nicole Charles, Anthony Tuccito, Adrian Vieni, and Trevor Odho.


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Evan Ciniello
Evan Ciniello
Director of Photography
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Trevor Odho
Trevor Odho
Jason Couse
Jason Couse
Composer & Sound Design
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Anthony Tuccito
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