Film & Video Submissions

Have your film added to our Library, and issued to our global audience of creatives, industry, and professionals.


We carefully review each submission. Please understand that we only share a small number of the videos we receive. We will notify you on the status of your submission. However, at this time we are unable to offer feedback. We encourage you to share work with us prior to release, however, we will not accept trailers or work-in-progress.


We consider:

– Approach / Execution
– Craft / Creativity
– Visual Identity
– Narrative Arc / Emotional Journey
– Timeliness / Relevance


We understand that every project has a unique context and so we follow flexible marking criteria – for example, if one element of a piece of work is particularly strong we will mark that up in consideration against other areas.


If we have ‘liked’ or ‘bookmarked’ a film or video on Vimeo, it means that we have already viewed the work and so there is no need to submit to us using this form. Never do a ‘like’ or ‘bookmark’ guarantee that the work will be shared on Directors’ Library.


Submission Fee


Like a traditional festival, the submission fee supports the ongoing costs Directors’ Library requires to keep rolling on a daily basis. We review and score longer-form shorts in a way that differs from our selection process for shorter-form. Submission fees can be found on the ‘Runtime’ dropdown on the Submission form below. If you use the site regularly, we hope that you will see this fee as making a small contribution to the future of the platform. We are independently run and submissions and our Patreon wholly keep this platform alive.


For frequent submitters or if you would like to support our platform regularly please see our Patreon →


Submission fees are strictly non-refundable.
Payments are made securely through Stripe.



Release Details


We typically respond within 3 – 5 working days.


If selected, your video will be added to our website archive and be featured on both the homepage and under the relevant category pages. This includes the related and suggested boxes under content throughout the site. We do not ask for exclusivity.


A link to your video on Directors’ Library will be posted across select social handles. These may include Instagram, Twitter & Facebook. Directors Library also publishes a regular newsletter and we may include your video in one of these bulletins. If you provide us with a Vimeo link we will also add your video to our Vimeo channel providing privacy settings allow.


We reserve the right to remove any video from our library or social media accounts at any time.