Essential: Works XIV – Fleur Fortuné


For our fourteenth instalment, we got in touch with Fleur Fortuné.


Essential: Works is an interview format that Directors Library regularly hosts with film and video Directors. We ask directors to name three key and influential works under the film, campaign and music video categories. The series aims to broaden horizons of reference and acknowledge works from the back catalogue.


You can check out Fleur’s latest film below and other work on the link.


Dream Thieves – Koho (2019)

Directed by Fleur Fortuné



Below are Fleur’s picks and what she had to say:


Essential: Films – Fleur Fortuné

I’d have to say that this list is constantly evolving depending the amazing films I’m discovering everyday and my mood which is shifting a lot as well… but still There is a TV show that really moved me when I was a young teenager, it’s TWIN PEAKS. I was 11 I think and when my parents were going out, even though I was supposed to sleep, I would sneak out of my bed and watch it on a cable channel. It completely fascinated me, scared me but also allowed me to think and see things differently, as if it was opening another door.


Now if I had to chose 3 films, today I would say:


1. Woman in the Dunes (1964)

Directed by Hiroshi Teshigahara →


From Kobo Abe’s novel. It is truly a rare film. I’ve never seen such a sensorial film able to combine a realistic story with a parable about life and accomplish this at such a level. Usually, directors get lost in the concept and forget about the story, but it is not the case here.



2. Stalker (1979)

Directed by Andrei Tarkovsky


This is a mystic experience people should  live at least once in a life time. A personal quest into the fearful unknown of your mind, re-considering the society’s boundaries in order to question your condition, your purpose in life, your existence as a human being on this earth. But you need to be a believer…



3. Post Tenebras Lux (2012)

Directed by Carlos Reygadas →


A Mexican sensorial tale. Some might think the director is going too far in the abstraction but I’m glad that this kind of film exist. It is still a very emotional and provocative movie.



Essential: Music Videos – Fleur Fortuné


1. The Wall – Pink Floyd (1982)

Directed by Alan Parker → // Gerald Scarfe →


A masterpiece. I remember watching the music videos out of the film at  a young age. I was hypnotised. One of my favourite album as well. Roger Waters acid critic of the society in a film so creative and well crafted, where the story and imagery completely embrace the music.



2. Prime Time Of You Life – Daft Punk (2006)

Directed by Tony Gardner →


So f*cked up! love it. Looks like no other music video. Could have been taken out of the THE TWILIGHT ZONE.



3. Karma Police – Radiohead (1998)

Directed by Jonathan Glazer


One of my favourite nowadays director signs here an almost perfect music video, if perfection existed… which would be boring. A simple plot, a simple camera movement, a perfect execution and a great ending, all completely fitting with the track. What else do you need?



Essential: Commercials – Fleur Fortuné

I love commercials that don’t look like commercials, so I don’t feel like I’m a brainwashed customer which we all are.


1. 1984 – Apple (1983)

Created by Ridley Scott


This was a precursor in terms of commercial. The first to not show the product. It was only used once. So ambitious and f*cking brilliant.



2. Mental Wealth – Playstation (1999)

Directed by Chris Cunningham


Very controversial indeed and still so simple. Love it. At the time it was also very innovative in terms of CGI and execution. I love the fact that the director chose to keep the light very raw and the timecode.



3. Fall Winter – Gucci (2017)

Directed by Glen Luchford →


I love all the new campaigns by Glen Luchford. It is so creative, so free, each universe is always astonishing and amazingly accomplished. He’s taking references we all know and digest them in a new way that feels somehow new and surreal, without any boundaries.



You can find Fleur Fortuné on Instagram and Vimeo.

Fleur Fortuné
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