Distant Future


Charlie Watts directs ‘Distant Future’.


A short film about how the pandemic has affected people in Britain.


1.1 Foreword

Text by Charlie Watts [director]

As a filmmaker, my passion has always been deeply rooted in telling stories. The stories that resonate with me the most are the real stories, the ones that we can all connect with.


People fascinate me, every life is unique and everyone has their own story to tell. Lockdown has been an extremely surreal time for everyone and something like we have never seen before, for me it only felt right to try and document this moment in time. Like one of the people in the film says, it’s such a poignant moment in our lifetime.


It’s something that has affected us all, no matter your race, gender, occupation, or social status; we have all been touched by this horrific virus in some shape or form. The resilience of us as a specifies never ceases to amaze me. On a personal level, I had my ups and downs during this period – but as an individual, and like so many others, I found my ways to overcome those moments.


From a practical approach, we posted on different social media platforms asking for people to feature in the film, however, a good amount of the people you will see are just people we stopped and were willing to contribute whilst we were out filming on the streets. Me and the DP wanted to make the film feel isolated and claustrophobic, we creatively agreed to shoot everything really symmetrical and everything locked off to help achieve this – you could say Wes Anderson-esque!

Charlie Watts